The Ned and Nancy Show

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there! Here is a photo of my dad...Lefty. A picture tells a thousand words... Here we have my dad taking a much needed break from work. The tiled pool steps he is resting on is what he was creating. The coffee cup he is drinking out of is from the Thermos he kept for years. He would NEVER have paid the prices at Star bucks... if he knew what I paid for a cup of coffee and a gallon of gas he would roll over in his grave! Aw back to the picture... the cigarette he is smoking...(hind site huh dad...those things will kill you! ) Any way... it is a Winston...and the watch...yes on his right arm.... making him a true lefty! Ya know...most watches are made for right handed people and us lefty's have to turn the tiny knob in a very awkward position. My dad had the funniest sense of humor.... you could not help but laugh. He was creative, messy, stubborn as hell, he had a dirty mind, and a kind heart. He was the best!
His beverage of choice was a cold Coors beer.

He named all my friends he ever met "George" did not matter the gender. If you slapped him on the knee his opposite knee would jump out of f_ _ _ ing funny! He talked in his sleep and you could have a chat with him in between his snores. One of my favorite story's of my dad is when my brother Robert and I made him run in his sleep...he laid in bed kicking away....only Lefty could do such a stunt :-)

Almost forgot about the Tatoo's on his arms...World War II army veteran.

So on this Fathers day...we honor our dads, and remember their smiles. :-)


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Winners and Losers..

It sure feels great to be a winner...... And it sucks to be a loser.....

But we all had fun on the Big Island playing against the outter Islands....
Our team came in fourth over all...

What a crew...We have Glenn...(back left) what a gentleman...even does the dishes! Then we have Dan the Man...single only talks about sex..cuz he can... then Bill, can not take him anywhere with out getting you into trouble..then Andy...hmmm..we think he is a spy, won't tell anyone what he does for a living.Then there is David...DO NOT OFFER HIM A HAMBURGER!! then we have Chuck...great attitude on the court, even after his partner (no names mentioned) double faults for the 2nd time...It is only a!
Aw..the ladies..Captain Jane...we love you Jane! The girl out of uniform...whoops thought I was on my way to the beach...Next is PaT-T..she fights to the bitter go girl! Mighty Mattie...small but deadly on the courts...and then we have Katherine...she thinks she snores at night...but I only heard her once....she is to be feared !
See you all back on the courts!!


Thursday, June 07, 2007


Anna Lynn decided that Jack and I should not return home from our inter Island get away to her sloppy boyfriends mess he left us in the see the cascade on top of the counter? Well, yea, that was the other green bottle under the sink....not the dish washing liquid! I really do need to have a chat with your mother.
Thanks any way Anna Lynn.... it was the thought that counts :-)