The Ned and Nancy Show

Friday, August 31, 2007

Lake Cultus

A family trip to the lake to celebrate my old friend Victoria's 50th birthday..a quick ski before the festivities begin are in order.... Just look at this lake..flat as can be calling my name! Nancy....come ski me......Nancy.....the lake is flat...don't worry about the cold....nanceeeeeeee (hear it)
Captain Christine is ready with her I am not so sure....why is it cold in August?
Ok, is fricken cold....little more pull.... ok....alright then...HIT IT!
Dammit!! My ass is getting fat.... Christine...put the pedal to the medal....
YES...YES....YES!!! It is all worth it.... I love this...Life is good :-)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Before our tennis matches....

So where do seven women go on their first night on Oahu? Lets see, we all have a different ideas for the evenening, ranging from Denny's to Roy's or going to china town...
I am still not sure how we ended up in a noisy and goofy place like Senior Frogs...

Here is our fear less leader captain Jane. We are sending this photo to usta!

Girls say "what the fu*k are we doing in this place"?!

Ok so we made the best of a crazy restaurant.

Patty was so happy to leave she forgot to take off her balloon hat.


Maui Mystics came in third over all on Oahu this week end. The team played hard and it was fun to be a part of it. We are all still friends after living together in small quarters and dealing with the energy of Waikiki....
Kathryn and Allegra cheering on Maddie...go Maui!!

This is what you do when you are not playing...watching and hoping your team can come out as the winners. Lisa after her singles win!! You go girl!!

Maddie after winning her 1400th singles match in 2 days.

The best day is when we beat the "Undefeated" we think we are all that Kauai team!!! What did you call them Allegra...Cocky what?!tsk tsk....
Thanks for the laughs and the team support girls....see you on the courts.